Wednesday, November 27, 2013

*seventeen years*

I bought a typewriter at a flea market for five bucks.
I took it to a repair shop to find ribbon replacement. The proprietor unwound the old ribbon, wound new on the stock spool, then cleaned the works beautifully. He only charged me thirty-five bucks. A bargain considering my relationship with the old typewriter produced a batch of poems and caused me to revisit previous work. As it had been some time, it would also be some time before I would write again.

As David Stevenson said in a post back in October:

"Writer's Block" is the ultimate first world problem.
But he also said, "Pffffff."


portable Remington
charming little machine
with red seal declaring
"to save time is to
lengthen life" --
cuts in chronicle
well chosen words
for bloodletting
-- passionate
kind and cruel

Michele R. Strüb, 11/1996