Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Key Westing is the Clear and Present Answer

It has been 27 days since my last post - I've been in Key West since the 20th of December... more blogging, more schlogging to come...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Money Makes the Wheels Go Round

As I sit here in a motel room in Tucson I ponder my next move. I am low on money, wondering just how far west I can make it before I have no way to pay for gas and food. It is at this point that I consider heading back to Florida, to the familiar. I won't know the answer until I pack up the car and head out of the parking lot. I have been awaiting the angel (my broad way backer) that has not come. Perhaps it is time to pack it in for a time. Allow myself time to create a way to pay my way out again. Back to the drawing board, back to the road that leads me home.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Physician, heal thyself

  • It grieves me that health care has become the for-profit beast - health care in the USA is a failure; it doesn't work for us as a people - it is operating where the healing arts should not be subjected - in the world of business.
  • I think it stinks that medical students (with or without trust funds) suffer the financial burden of their education. I believe that burden opens the door for their fledgling ethics to walk out and disappear into the world of hustle and dough, leaving healing behind wondering what happened to its artist.
  • We're all going to die. Medicine has not yet become sophisticated enough to stop that last action. My hope is that the Medical Arts will become a revolutionary force and that healing will move to the vanguard, beyond the concerns of Profit and Loss, to fight for the dignity of the ailing patient.
  • I'm a fuckin dreamer

Friday, October 16, 2009

Late night post re: Las Cruces, New Mexico

I had a great drive down the mountain from Cloudcroft to Las Cruces yesterday - spent time roaming through La Mesilla.

I got a late start to Las Cruces, so didn't make it down to El Paso for the circular road trip. Maybe next week I'll make it - Got alot done today considering I worked the morning shift at the Cross-Eyed Moose Cafe, playing the Prep Cook -  drove today through Bailey Canyon - Switchback Trail - the Kia did just fine on that unpaved rocky road - I was pleasantly surprised.

Time for sleep soon - back to work tomorrow at 2pm -

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Early Snow

looking out to Hwy 82 from the Aspen Motel, in Cloudcroft New Mexico

Friday, October 9, 2009

Not So Late Night

Workspace while living at The Aspen Motel in Cloudcroft, New Mexico.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

High Light The Night

I'm in the down phase. The ball on the string of my highs and lows moves down down - but it will move up again soon, as it always does and I will be the happiest woman in the world - until then I take care how I make decisions. I suffer carefully to organize my thoughts and actions.

The world of Cloudcroft at this time of morning is quiet, as usual. No sound but the soft wind in the trees. The world of Cloudcroft is at rest. There is a three-quarter waning moon that lights the night. Only a few stars are obscured by small scattered clouds. The rest are my guiding lights.

Whether in Florida, or Cloudcroft, I take my place in a seat outside what I call home for now, taking in the quiet, the perfect quiet, taking it all in.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Late Night/Early Morning Trawl

I spent hours tonight poring through photos posted on friend's Facebook pages. The desire to connect is prevalent in these pages, my own included. I am very much a loner - yet, I am touched by the warmth and openness of most of these connections and drawn to cultivating them. Some of them have been many years in the making - old friends - then there are a few that have been struck just recently, inspired by mutual, singular experiences, some which I observe have potential for expansion. Traveling, as I am, I find comfort in these touchstones.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Late Night Slant

2:20 mountain time and not a yawn.
Insomnia comes so natural to me. As sleep at this time of night does not. Fighting sleep seems so stupid. Who wouldn't want a good snooze? Yet awake I am, as though something wonderful awaits I shouldn't miss, something fascinating that shouldn't be missed. Hmph - I may as well lay me on the downy. If something wonderful this way comes, I won't know what I missed. So then, so what?! The good fight has left and I am down for the Count of Sleep. Somnambtimes I'm so silly I can't stand myself. In dreams I'll consider why. Delirium rules my night.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kindred Spirit

"Each piece of mail must have its day in the sun, its chance to engage me in its magic of the new or repel me with its blatant familiarity. All messages are holy" --The Scorpions by Robert Kelly

I'm also a lover of mail, whether it be snail, email, messages of any kind; my full attention is given. As much as I prefer spending time alone and as I wish, I love literary human connection. I'm not at all crazy about talking on telephone. Write me a letter, send me a personal email (not so crazy about forwards, unless they are simply hysterical) and I am there for every nugget, devouring with appreciation.

Full Moon Coming

I have a website; don't know why I feel compelled to join the blogger ranks. I'll use the excuse that it is late night. That one usually works for me. Actually, I did a google search for writer Robert Kelly (The Scorpions) and ended up reading blog of Ed Parks. It was an entry from December of 2004. Sucked in. I scrolled and scanned forever until I found the Robert Kelly reference. Left a comment. Sucked in even more. Logged in. (Google knows too much already) Now blogged in. Ironically, door opens for [unavailable at this edit; will use next bonus at day job to finance resurrection] viewership.