Monday, October 28, 2013

*panic room, explained*

A Key West friend, Amy Culver, is project lead for an organization called *The Busara Project, created to provide access to its audience "the understanding of three of the the oldest tribes in Tanzania, East Africa", opening our eyes to the challenge of cultural and geographical preservation as these people fall prey to the modern world of landgrabbing greed. The website has some fascinating stories of the lives of the Datoga, Bushmen and Maasai tribes. 

In the meantime, having just recently returned from one of many visits to Africa, Amy posted this on Facebook!

"I just came back from the gym and bike ride. I turn on the tv and it is the show Million Dollar Listings. I am laughing so hard...explain in Swahili a panic room! Got to be kidding me...explain to an African a 'panic room'."

A short scenario I had in mind:

Oh shit! simba ni kuja kwa ajili yetu!"

Oh shit! A lion is coming for us!

Lazima kujificha kutoka simba!

We must hide from the lions!

Lazima kwenda kwenye chumba hofu! haraka!

We must go to the panic room! fast!

-- Ni nini hofu chumba?

What is a panic room?


Ni mahali ambapo hatujui hofu.

A place where we do not know fear.

-- Ah, mimi kuona! Sisi lazima haraka kwenda huko sasa!

Ah, I see! Then we must quickly go there now!

Nadhani ni kuchelewa mno. Sisi kuzungumza sana.
Imekuwa ni furaha yangu kwa kujua wewe, rafiki yangu!

I think it is too late. We talk too much.
It has been my pleasure to know you, my friend.

*If you would like to support the amazing work the Busara Project is so passionate about, you can link here for the donation page.

Friday, October 18, 2013

*this post is so 1960*